How can I buy gold with VeraCash?

To buy gold through VeraCash, you will first need to create an account and then log in, open the menu and click on “Credit”.

Choose your distribution

The first step in crediting your VeraCash account is choosing your distribution, in the form of percentages. There are three products available for purchase: GoldPremium, GoldSpot and Silver. Make sure the total adds up to 100%.

The service fee differs from one product to the next. You can review these fees on the “Pricing” page.

Payment methods

Multiple payment methods can be used to credit your VeraCash account.

Bank transfer: the recommended method. VeraCash assigns each member a personal IBAN once their subscription has been duly completed. Then, just save that IBAN in your online bank account(s) so you can make recurring or one-off transfers.

Bank card: the fastest method. Please note that VeraCash charges a 0.8% commission, which is the amount of the commission billed to us by our e-banking partner for payments by bank card. This method is only available after the two-month period of observation and after an initial amount has been credited via bank transfer.

Promo code: VeraCash runs occasional sales campaigns during which promo codes for VRC 1 or 5 may be distributed.

To select a payment method, log into your account, open the menu and then click on “Credit”.