How do I top up my VeraCash account?

You can top up your VeraCash® account by credit card or bank transfer. Topping up your account results in the purchase of precious metals.

If it’s the first time you top up your VeraCash account, it may only be done by bank transfer. Your credit card will be accepted after a one month observation period.

Before topping up your VeraCash® account, please check your precious metal purchase distribution. For our international users, it is by default set to 100% GoldSpot (gold backed by bullion bars). 

See also : How do I change the distribution of my precious metals?

Top up your account by bank transfer

Each VeraCash® account comes with a personal IBAN after registration has been completed and validated. This IBAN can be used to make occasional or recurring transfers from your bank.

From the VeraCash® application or your Personal Area:

  1. Go to the "Credit" tab then "Transfer"
  2. Copy and paste your VeraCash® IBAN to add it as a new recipient on the personal space of your bank account(s) (up to 3 banks).
  3. After adding your VeraCash® IBAN as recipient, you can make a transfer or schedule recurring transfers to your VeraCash® account.

WARNING: As of October, 1st 2021, please use this temporary IBAN (link) until your personal IBAN is activated and accessible. 

Don't forget to specify your username in the description of your bank transfer so we can identify you. 

The price retained for precious metals is the price at the time VeraCash® receives the bank transfer, which can take up to 48 hours.

Top up your account with a credit card

This is the fastest method, which allows you to top up your account at the current gold or silver price. Transaction is immediate and your account is credited in a few minutes, with no  additional fees. 

From the VeraCash® application or your Personal Area:

  1. Go to the "Credit" tab and then "Credit card".
  2. Follow the procedure displayed on the screen.

During the pandemic period, the 0.8% commission on credit card payments is temporarily suspended.